Learn the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

How does your final expense lead program work?
EIA has strategic partnerships with many lead vendors, so we can distribute a wide variety of high-quality final expense leads. We use a point system based on how many leads you work versus how much annualized premium you sell on a weekly basis. Any agent who is following our selling system will learn how to earn “free” final expense appointments and never have to pay for insurance leads again.
Which carriers are in your portfolio?
EIA is an Independent Marketing Organization and does not exclusively sell for any one organization. Our goal is to make sure that our agents have the most competitive final expense portfolio in their geographic area. If you become an agent with EIA and find a competitive company, we do not currently have – we will add them!
How long will it take me to get appointed and out in the field selling?
In most cases, our licensing department can get agents appointed in 5-7 business days. While you are awaiting writing numbers, we will get you into the field with one of our trainers. Once you have your writing numbers and have completed the 2 to 3-day training period learning our turn key selling system, you can start selling on your own.
What type of sales training do you provide?
We will teach all our insurance sales agents a turnkey final expense selling system that has proved to close high volume sales. Due to EIA being licensed in 40 states and our agents being spread out geographically, we conduct many conference calls and webinars to keep our sales force informed of new sales ideas and techniques.
Can I sell other products besides Life Insurance?
Absolutely! EIA has a complete portfolio of Insurance products for our agents to utilize in aiding every client they see! We are also opening a Property & Casualty Division in the very near future!
Can I sell final expense insurance over the phone?
EIA is in the process of developing the capability to allow our agents to sell final expense insurance over the phone. We will also be able to sell Medicare/Indemnity Products and Under 65 health Insurance over the phone shortly as well!
How do I get contracted to sell for EIA?
Please call our office to schedule a phone interview at 888-357-7457.
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